Arcade fighting is coming to KickStarter on September 5th, 2017

Arcade fighter is a competitive 2-6 player game that is easy to learn, and challenging to master. Play head-to-head or tag team matches, or start a tournament! Short and variable games make it addicting, but don't take my work for it!

Your download includes:

1. Symbol card front sheet - This sheet will need to be printed 3 times and cut into cards
2. Symbol card back sheet - This will be printed on the back of all your symbol cards.
3. Two fighter data sheets - You only need 2 fighters to get started. 
3. Token sheet - Life, Armor, Combo and Special Tokens. 
4. Written instructions. Also, see our video instructions.

We recommend getting the cards printed using a professional service. It's cheaper than you think. The cards files are already formatted to print with Superior POD. Follow their instructions for uploading the files and ordering.  Be sure to add 3 to your cart - You don't want to get only 18 cards back.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact the designer directly at ClintStoker@gmail(dot)com

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 How to play.